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Where to stay in Santiago de Chile?

The International Conference on Urban Marginality and Institutional Effects will be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of October, in the premises of Campus Lo Contador (School of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies), of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, located in El Comendador 1916, Providencia. Thus, we suggest that -if you are coming from abroad- look for lodging in the districts of Providencia or Santiago. There is a wide variety of hostels, hotels and apart-hotels in Providencia. If you choose to stay close to the Lo Contador campus, the ideal situation is that you stay in the vicinities of the Pedro de Valdivia metro station (Line 1) or close to La Concepcion street. We recommend to book in advance, since Santiago de Chile has a high demand of tourists all year round, especially in Providencia. In addition, we recommend visiting web pages like, or, for comparing prices and finding special offers.

Where to eat close to the International Conference?

In order to avoid long moves and thus not missing any activity of the conference, we recommend the attendees to eat at the different cafeterias within the Lo Contador campus. There is a cafeteria that opens at 8:00am and closes at 6:00pm. Lunch there costs CLP$3.400, which is equivalent to U$D 4.70, approximately. In addition, close to the FADEU auditorium, there is a cafeteria that opens at 8:00am and closes by 8:00pm. Out of the campus, in Pedro de Valdivia Norte square (corner of Padre Letelier and Lo Conquistadores streets), there are bakeries and artisanal food shops, such as “La Clementina”. Furthermore, in Providencia Avenue, crossing Mapocho river and four blocks from the campus, there is a wide variety of places to eat.

How to move within Santiago?

In order to move within Santiago in public transportation, you need to buy a “Tarjeta BIP!” (BIP Card). This card has a value of CLP$ 2.000, which is equivalent to U$D 3.00 approximately, and can be bought at any metro station, and at some local shops. The transportation system of Santiago is integrated and is called “TranSantiago”. This means that with one validation, you can do up to three intermodal transfers (bus-metro-bus) during one and a half hours. The value varies according to time:

Off-peak value (6:00-6:29am and 8:45-11:00pm): CLP$640 (U$D 0.97)

Mid-peak value (6:30-6:59am, 9:00am-6:00pm and 8:00-8:44pm): CLP$660 (U$D 1.00)

On-peak value (7:00-8:59am and 6:00-7:59pm): CLP$740 (U$D 1.13)