The International Conference (11th, 12th, and 13th of October, 2017) invites the presentation of works on “Urban Marginality and Institutional Effects” in cities of Latin America and the world. Two types of works will be accepted: (1) articles to be presented and commented in thematic sessions, and (2) audiovisual presentations to be exhibited in intermediate modules of the conference (e.g. before and after Key Speeches). Works should be inserted within the five thematic lines proposed below (although we do not discard the option of expanding them in terms of the received proposals):

1. Urban segregation and neighborhood effects in the metropolis: studies on residential segregation (at large or small scale) and its impact on the generation of social problems.

2. Role of institutions on the management and transformation of urban poverty: studies on active mechanisms, passive actions, and/or negligence from institutions that participate in marginal neighborhoods (action/inaction, investment/disinvestment, etc.)

3. Territorial stigmatization and symbolic violence at the margins: studies on the use of symbolic language (conscious or unconscious) to denigrate poor areas of the city, from the media, public officials, academia, etc.

4. Social capital and community ties in contexts of urban segregation: studies on the existence of organizations, social cohesion, abilities of social control, intra-group ties and breaks, etc. in relation to the activity of institutions that are external to the neighborhoods.

5. Institutional framework, immigration and socio-spatial conflict: studies on the role of institutions in the management of inter-group conflict, especially involving immigrants.


Free event: However, both presenters and attendees (general public, students, faculty, researchers, authorities) should be appropriately registered filling the Form.

Presenters: Should be registered before the 10th of September, 2017, in this webpage filling the Form with their personal data (name, phone, country, email), thematic line in which they want to participate, and also attach an abstract of no more than 400 words in Spanish, Portuguese or English, summarizing their article or audiovisual presentation.

Attendees: Can register before the 10th of October, 2017, in this webpage filling the Form with their personal data (name, phone, country, email).


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